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Are you feeling confused feeling lost lonesome and your Lover separated needing help with a broken heart ?

Are you

Everyone says that love hurts but that’s not true. Rejection hurts. Loneliness hurts. Losing the one you love hurts, but in reality love is the only thing that covers the pain and gives us a purpose and makes us feel alive again.

With a natural gift for intuitive knowledge, I have accumulated years of experience, serving a dedicated base of loyal and satisfied clients who trust and believe in my psychic abilities. I offer life-changing solutions for those who have lost love, are still searching, or feel unsatisfied in their current situations. Whether it’s worries, troubles, doubts, or concerns related to love, marriage, money, career, or health, I provide guidance and assistance to help navigate through life’s challenges.

Love &

• Reuniting lovers regardless of time passed
• Solving intimacy issues
• Restoring love and romance
• Fixing broken and battered relationships

Life &

• Providing sincere and accurate advice
• Helping with career decisions
• Assisting in life choices

Breakups /

• Supporting through breakup or divorce
• Guiding towards healing and moving forward

Get Prepared for What's Coming

• Full awareness of the situation
• Making the best of the outcome

Psychic Medium

Discover your future at Psychic Love Readings, a locally owned practice in Dallas, Texas. Our resident medium and psychic expert, combines Reiki and Kabbalah techniques to provide personalized insights, predictions, and advice. Services include tarot readings, life coaching, angel channeling, and crystal healing. Book a private session for confidential guidance today.

Accordion Content
  • Bring perfect harmony and domestic happiness
  • Solutions and remedies for millions of love stories worldwide
  • Help with dealing with mourning for a lost lover
  • Experienced in professional and personal matters
  • Overcoming challenges such as infidelity, distance, and stagnation
  • Providing genuine hope without the disappointments of past psychics
  • Success where others have failed, finding happiness in love
  • Removing interference from black magic, witchcraft, jinxes, hexes, charms, and trances

Everything you are could be everything you were.

Inhale and exhale and take chance to feel a rush come over you that you’ve had never imagined.

No longer will you taste the recycled air jumping in and out of your lungs. This breath will belong to you for the first time.

Feel the links of every chain that ties you down to reality being broken one by one. This isn’t the kind of freedom our president speaks about. This is real!

Allow the world as you know it slowly fade to black and fall into an infinite slumber. Soon you will be welcomed to the dream.

The second you have a session with me is the beginning of your new life. You’re just taking your first breath. These are your first thoughts. Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed the first portion of being you.

This is where the fun starts. As of right now, you officially have no past. Everything prior to this moment will no longer be affecting your present in any way.

You are now everything you want to pursue.

You are every personality trait you admired, and most importantly, you are in charge.

I strongly encourage you to act, think, speak, and participate like never before. However, there are some key ingredients to ensure the success of this new life.

You must know what you want.

You must believe without a doubt you will obtain it. I understand this can sound somewhat intimidating and I know some people have no idea what they want right now.

Well I am here to help you figure it out and the sooner the better.

This includes relationships, occupation, happiness, heath, financial well-being, and everything in between.

You can always add more to the list as you go along, but consider the things you enjoy in life most, and focus on those. You can literally get anything you want if every thought is paired with a sense of affirmation.

For example, instead of saying “I want to be happy”, say ” I am happy”. It’s all about the act of doing and being in pursuit.

It’s time to look in the mirror and see everything you desire. It will take imagination and self-control, but we have all been given both those things for free.

Let’s start the dream!

One of my favorite pieces of advice is: If you want a new car, go test drive it. See what it’s like to get behind the wheel of your dream car. The smell of the leather, grip of the tires and purr of the engine. Hold these things very close to you. Think about them. The power of the new environment. This tool is the compass on the journey to finding yourself.

Do new things and go to new places.

Psychic Readings

Do you want to gain clarity in your life? Are you looking for guidance in your life?

Do you want to

  • Make better decisions
  • Overcome challenges
  • Connect with your loved ones
  • Find peace and happiness

then a psychic reading is for you!

Tarot Cards Readings

Unlock the mysteries of life with our highly sought-after tarot card reading sessions.

Delve deep into the realm of divination as we guide you through the intricate symbolism of the cards, providing you with invaluable insights and a broader understanding of the events shaping your life. Discover the hidden meanings that may have eluded you, and gain a renewed sense of peace and clarity.

Empower yourself to take charge of your own destiny and embark on the optimal path. Let the cards become a beacon of light, illuminating your journey and empowering you to make informed decisions.

Join us today and uncover the transformative wisdom that lies within the ancient art of tarot card reading.

Reiki Therapy

Discover the power of Reiki, a Japanese technique renowned for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. At Psychic Love Readings, our professionally attuned Reiki master can infuse your body with radiant energy through gentle hand placements.

Experience the revitalization of your life energy and the remarkable effects it brings. Reiki is a safe, natural method that effectively addresses a wide range of illnesses and maladies. In addition to Reiki therapy, we offer aroma therapy and color therapy to provide further physical relief.

Take the first step towards rejuvenation by filling out our form to book a transformative therapeutic service.

Spiritual Advisor

If you’re facing tough challenges in life, seeking guidance from a spiritual advisor can be beneficial. I am here to provide assistance and support to help you navigate through difficult times.

Together, we can explore the deeper meaning behind your suffering and discover purpose in your experiences. I can also help you develop effective coping mechanisms to deal with challenging emotions.

By creating a safe and welcoming environment, I encourage open communication where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Twin Flame Therapy

The term “twin flame” is used to describe a soul connection that is often regarded as the most powerful and significant among all relationships. It is believed that twin flames are two halves of the same soul, separated during the creation process. When twin flames encounter each other, it is said to be a remarkable moment filled with profound recognition and connection.

If you are experiencing a deep sense of intimacy, understanding, and connection with someone, it is likely that you have encountered your twin flame. Additionally, a shared sense of purpose or mission often accompanies this unique bond, further solidifying the connection between twin flames.

Chakra and Energy Healing

Chakra and energy healing practices are rooted in ancient Eastern philosophies, aiming to restore balance and vitality to the body, mind, and spirit. Here are the key points:

  • Chakra and energy healing are holistic practices focused on restoring balance and vitality.
  • The human body has seven main energy centers known as chakras.
  • Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of our being and is associated with specific qualities and functions.
  • Blocked or imbalanced chakras can lead to physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments.
  • Energy healing techniques like Reiki, acupuncture, and crystal therapy are used to clear and rebalance the chakras.
  • These techniques facilitate the free flow of energy throughout the body.
  • By harmonizing the chakras and restoring energy equilibrium, overall well-being and healing are believed to be achieved.
  • Chakra and energy healing promote inner harmony and vitality.
  • While scientific evidence is limited, many individuals report positive experiences and benefits from these practices.

Our Happy Clients!

"I had a palm reading with this incredible palm reader, and I'm still in awe. Her deep knowledge and accurate insights left me feeling empowered and inspired. If you're seeking guidance and self-discovery, I highly recommend Psychic Love Readings."
"In a rough patch in my love life, I tried a psychic love reading and I'm grateful I did. They tapped into the energy, provided profound insights, and accurate predictions. Their compassion and support were invaluable. It was a turning point, now on a path to true happiness and fulfillment in my relationships."
"I'm amazed by the psychic love reading I received. They connected with my emotions, uncovered hidden aspects of my love life, and provided clarity. Their guidance helped me to make positive changes. The experience was transformative. If you need answers in matters of the heart, look no further."


I source all my information directly from my spirit guides, ensuring that the guidance you receive is aligned with your highest good. During my readings, I delve into both the shadow and light aspects of your situation, providing comprehensive insights pertaining to areas such as love, twin flame connections, breakups, confusion, and any obstacles impeding your progress. Rest assured that the information I provide will offer the clarity you seek in order to navigate these aspects of your life more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content
  • Palm Reading
  • Tarot Cards Reading
  • Psychic Reading
  • Lovers Psychic Reading
  • Mini Psychic Reading
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Aura Interpretations
  • Cleansing Negativity
  • Past Life Regression
  • Spiritual Psychic Vibrations
  • A psychic reading taps into extrasensory abilities for profound insight and guidance.
  • Methods like tarot cards, mediumship, and clairvoyance connect with higher realms and spiritual guides.
  • Psychic readings provide information about the past, present, and potential future events.
  • Guidance covers areas such as relationships, career, finances, health, and spiritual development.
  • Symbols, messages, and energies are interpreted to deliver personalized guidance.
  • Psychic readings offer clarity, validation, and deeper self-understanding.
  • Empowers individuals to make informed decisions and navigate life confidently.
  • A psychic love specialist provides guidance and insights on matters of the heart and romantic relationships.
  • They have intuitive abilities and psychic gifts to understand the complexities of love.
  • They help individuals navigate challenges and uncertainties in their love lives.
  • Specializations include soulmates, compatibility, finding love, and resolving relationship issues.
  • They tap into spiritual connections and higher guidance for clarity and support.
  • Psychic love readings offer insights into relationship dynamics and hidden emotions.
  • They provide advice on strengthening connections and fostering fulfilling partnerships.
  • Empowers individuals to make informed decisions, heal emotional wounds, and attract meaningful love.

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